Fusc (2017)



Fashion, Jewellery & Styling: Fusc


Photography by Alexander Schuktuew


H&M: Maria Messner -  Model: Jule Rau

To the moon and back (2017)


Photography by Daniel Peace


Fashion: Form of Interest - Hanna Rückert - Damaris Moos


 H&M: Develyn Lux -  Model: Klaudia Giez - Styling: Rosa Hirn

Shooting a different world (2017)


Photography by Alexander Schuktuew


Styling: Baykotbay - H&M: Maria Messner -  Models: Maria Messner - Kat Voltage



Photography & Styling & Edit: Silke Schlotz - H&M: Bianca Dreher - Model: Valerie W.

Marianne Kalinowski (2017)


Photography & Styling & Edit: Marianne Kalinowski - Model: Estelle Schoetzki

Virilité (2017)


Photography: Ave Janson - Styling: Pia Erlmann - Model: Mr. Bojango

Nalan381 - space woman (2016)


Jewellery feature in the Nalan381 music video for space woman. Directed by Jovana Reisinger

Taktraum (2016)


Laser cut and engraved pendants for the Taktraum music festival